The cycle of life and decay

The cycle of life and decay



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The Cycle of Life and Decay is about the condition that surrounds all living things (and arguably our universe): All things are bound to a never-ending cycle of life, growth, and decay. Unlike our general human perception (which generates illusions that the life we surround and create for ourselves is/will be stable), nothing is permanent, and everything is bound to change. Life and death, suffering and tranquillity, and ever changing states of consciousness are what is stable. This continuous process of creation, growth, and destruction of matter works as a solution for the problem of heat death through entropy; allowing a universe that is eternal, without a beginning or ending. In Buddhist belief, Samsara is the endless cycle of life, death, and suffering (which all living souls are part of and will be part of until they manage to free themselves from it). This piece attempts to find a parallel between these two notions (the cycle bounding living things, and the cycle that considers our universe) to create a sonic farewell to 'Şampiyon Melekler' (two Cypriot volleyball teams (high school girls-boys) that went to Turkey in February 2023 to compete in the finals and lost their lives due to their hotel collapsing because of the 7.8 Earthquake) wishing that they found liberation from this cycle in which they are no longer experiencing suffering but only tranquillity.