Relativity of creativity

Relativity of creativity



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This project involves two sound files that are independent of each other. Sound and sound art is not my primary creative output I have since started to look into the idea of introducing it into some of my other projects. I don’t consider myself musical but have long been interested in the idea that sounds can appeal, similar to soundscapes I suppose.
The files I have provided a link two were created using two different methods. The first (Submission 1.mp3) was to use my out of tune guitar and various things to play against the strings; camera film, a spoon, some blu-tack to name a few. I then important the sound file to my computer and then combined the sounds and included reverb to give it a haunting quality.
The second (Submission 2.mp3) was created computer software from 1989 – a cassette tape from the C64 called The Music System. I was able to connected my TV to the soundcard input on my computer and record the sounds from the C64, and then use Audacity to put it all together.

Thank you for considering my submission.