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Pervade the space



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Pervade the Space is a multichannel instrumental & live electronics performance which creates an original relationship between the input of the physical gesture of the performer, the derived artistic sound output and its spatial distribution. It is an exploration of the capabilities of a custom prototype — the HexApp — a digital processing engine developed to transform acoustic sound in real time. This live electronics performance is a solo set in which the performer interacts with the computer in a balanced relationship in order to create a memorable spatial sonic experience for the listener. It explores unconventional instrumental approaches as well as compositional strategies applied in real-time improvisatory domain. Furthermore, the performance delves into the magnetic properties of the hexaphonic pickup used as a sound source and as an input for a physically – digital multichannel feedback line.
The sound transformations occupy the broad spectrum of musical expression between immersive slowly unfolding and evolving textures and emerging sharply articulated grainy sonic entities. The HexApp is an instrument which could be described as a hybrid …, acoustic – digital hybrid, naturally – artificial, traditionally – innovative hybrid of 6 independently depending on each other, unpredictably predictable constituents of a dynamically – motionless soundscape.