Land of legends – serdtse parmy – 3d wolf animation

Land of legends – serdtse parmy – 3d wolf animation



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"Land of Legends – Serdtse parmy" is a Russian blockbuster directed by Anton Megerdichev with which I was honored to work as 3D animation supervisor to bring to life the 3d wolf creature in this sequence.
I was in charge of all aspects of the animation process of the wolf and in every shot it’s a 3d character.
All performances, body and facial animation I did are entirely 100% keyframed using video references.
As you could see some playblasts in the making of are more advanced and refined then the final result used in the movie, this is due unfortunately by what happened between Ukraine and Russia for the war which stopped many companies which also lost some good russian talents to be able to update all the final shots.