Exposition “thracian treasures” rhm – vratsa

Exposition “thracian treasures” rhm – vratsa



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Competition entry for the architectural contest "Exposition "Thracian treasures" Regional Historical Museum – Vratsa" organized by foundation America for Bulgaria and Historical Museum of Vratza.
Project is created by Vesselin Alexiev and Martin Evlogiev.
Competition for the creation of a contemporary artistic and spatial layout and presentation of the hall with the permanent exhibition "Thracian Treasures" in the Regional Historical Museum (RIM) – Vratsa. The competition is carried out in partnership with the Municipality of Vratsa and RHM – Vratsa.
The main goal is to transform the exposition in the Thracian Treasures Hall into a modern and interactive exposition in accordance with the world’s leading museum standards, which will offer visitors of different ages, nationalities and levels of knowledge an unforgettable experience. This will position RIM – Vratsa among the places that must be seen by residents and guests of the city, and will increase the attendance of the museum by Bulgarians and foreigners. The project will contribute to the socialization and popularization of the exposition, the museum and the Thracian culture in general. Applicants can use interactive and digital tools and techniques to interpret cultural heritage, according to the latest trends in this field.