Digital hymn

Digital hymn



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The confrontational structure between the Digital and the Real has been showing an important shift. The duality between the Digital and the Real have become more and more symmetrical and the Real has not been the master for the Digital. Along this symmetry and similarity, we can admit the digital beings, which are unknown for us.
In this piece I intend a Hymn for imaginary digital beings on the basis of ontological arguments above. Both hymn-like part and harsh part show sharp contrast, and this matter itself means the radical discreteness which is the particular way of the Digital entities.
In this piece, against Baudrillard’ concept "Hyperreality", I tried to explore, sharpen, and also deepen the own region of the digital. We don’t need to be surrounded by reality and are opened to vast and unknown dimension of digital.
This entity might have its own perception which is no more imitation of real world. It also can be said that it becomes possible to express the vast abstract world freely by digital, not imitating this real world.