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Association of pig breeders in bulgaria



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The Association of Pig Breeders in Bulgaria (ASB) is a legal entity with a non-profit purpose for public benefit.

Association of pig breeders in Bulgaria (ASB) was established in 1992 in the city of Shumen and is the first representative breeding organization protecting the interests of pig breeders in Bulgaria after the changes in 1989. To date, more than 40 farms are members of the association, and their number continues to grow.

The Association supports and assists in achieving sustainable development of the pig breeding sector, effective management of genetic resources and their use to meet the needs of the domestic market with high-quality pork at competitive prices and prestigious participation in foreign markets.

Protects the economic and social interests of its members in the country and abroad.
Increases the genetic potential and promotes the breeding of modern breeds and hybrid pigs.
Organizes, supports and controls the selection activity in the nucleus herds and the reproducers
Organizes and supports the implementation of hybridization systems in commodity farms.

The Association develops and implements programs for the Great White, Landrace and Danube White breeds in pure condition in the nucleus and production of high-quality F1 female parental forms in the reproductive herds.

The breeding programs have been developed on the basis of classic and modern methods of selection and control of productive traits, methods for evaluating the breeding value and ranking of purebred animals for individual breeds, as well as the hybridization schemes in the farms for ASB.

The Association of Pig Breeders in Bulgaria carries out activities in the following directions:

Develops and implements breeding programs for breeds. It summarizes the information on the results of the selection and of the control tests of the breeds and hybrids. Informs its members about analyses, assessments and forecasts supporting the activity of pig farming. Develops national, regional and individual programs for the development of pig farming. Organizes training to increase the qualifications of its members by conducting conferences, seminars and courses with a practical focus on selection issues (when choosing suitable breeds and hybrids), when developing new construction or reconstruction of the material and technical base, when supplying the material and technical base, in the supply of technological equipment, introduction of rational nutrition, health care and environmental protection
Develops normative documents for regulating the activities of the Association and those at the state level. Coordinates its activities with other national and international non-governmental organizations.