Computer Space 2023 Winners

Computer Space 2023 Winners

Here you can see all the winners in the competition part of Computer Space 2023. The list contains all awarded projects including the public vote.

Computer Graphics
1. Black Sun – Colored – Hristian Shyne
2. The Beginning – Искрен Русимов
3. Steampunk Castle – Ния Маркова
Special award –  Morning Moon – Silviya Ivanova

Computer & Electronic Music
1. Hymn Without Words – Adam Stanovic
2. Pervade The Space – Владимир Влаев
3.Visions Of Z Iii – Uğurcan Öztekin

Computer Animation
1. Land Of Legends – Serdtse Parmy – 3d Wolf Animation – Gianluca Fratellini

Web Design: Art, Culture & Hobby
1. The Edge Artgroup – I-Creativ Studio
2. Dani Belev – Magician & Illusionist – Vasil Garbov

Web Design: Information & Media
Special award – Списание “Й” – Diana Sofronieva

Web Design: Society And Institutions
1. Уеб Портал Топлофикация София – Стемо ЕООД
2. Pencho Semov – “The Most Social Industrialist On The Balkans” – Vasil Garbov
Special award – Купи Подарък От Майка На Дете С Увреждане – Петя Колева

Web Design: Technology & Market
1. Click And Play – Онлайн Резервация За Спорт – Георги Балджиев
2. Myve – Всичко За Шофьора – Mark Kazakov
3. Сайт На Агенция За Недвижими Имоти – Bulgaria Sotheby’s International Realty
Special award: Digital New Era – Creative Web Solutions – Vasil Garbov
Nomination: Yeah!Chocolate – I-Creativ Studio

Interactive Projects
1.Tetris Tower – Emiliya Usheva
2.Eludo – Тихомир Гърменлиев
3.Dollhouse Mystery – Надежда Йорданова

Debut award
Debut award – Abandoned – Neli Zlatanova
Debut award – The Deserter – Andrey PopdonevNomination

Public vote:
Computer Graphics: Steampunk Castle – Ния Маркова
Computer & Electronic Music: Dandelion Clock – Massimo Vito Avantaggiato
Computer Animation: Chronos – Massimo Vito Avantaggiato
Interactive Projects: Eludo – Тихомир Гърменлиев
Web Design: Art, Culture & Hobby: Dot Sofia —  I-Creativ Studio
Web Design: Information & MediaСписание “Й” – Diana Sofronieva
Web design: Society and Institutions: Уеб Портал Топлофикация София – Стемо ЕООД
Web Design: Technology & Market: Erp.Agency – S WEB studio Симеон Бончев

Awards and certificates are received in person at the presentation ceremony and are not sent by post.