Computer Space 2023 Overview

The 35th edition of the Computer Space International Computer Arts Forum was held from October 26 to 28 at the National Student House. The forum is part of the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality it was also supported by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Тhe 35th edition of Computer Space showcased once again the synthesis of science-technology-art. “Computer space” – one of the oldest and most popular events in South-Eastern Europe in the field of computer arts – over the years has been a huge palette of interesting projects and talented authors, marking the current state and trends in the field of digital arts. Computer space is a traditional field for the expression of young authors, students and pupils.

The International Digital Arts Forum has a competition and festival part The awarding ceremony for the winners took place on October 26 at 1:00 p.m. in National Student House. Interesting projects in eight categories competed for the first places – creative ideas in the field of computer graphics, computer animation, electronic music, web design, interactive arts. First place winners in each category also received a special Computer Space 2023 statuette.

The festival part included exhibitions, workshops, seminars and project presentations. Traditionally, the authors presented some of the winning projects in the categories – computer animations and graphics, interactive installations, web projects and electronic music performance.

Highlights of the festival program:

“Writing with light”

Light and dark are the masters of our feelings, light and dark intertwine in every day, light and dark reveal our thoughts. Light and dark are part of images and movements.

The “Writing with light” exhibition and seminar revealed some of the magic of light and darkness. The Retro Exhibition of iconic old film projectors returned us to the tape era and showcased iconic film projector brands from over 70 years ago, such as Bolex, Eumig, Kodak and the Bulgarian Pleven-1 projector. Walks around Bulgaria, the streets of Bulgarian cities and villages, holidays and weekdays from the past came to life in the moving pictures. The seminar told also about some of the first Bulgarian lighting devices, about the light bulbs from before the war, the lighting fixtures that change our lives. Light is also a fundamental element in three-dimensional computer graphics;

“Digitalization of cultural and historical heritage – new trends”

The digitization of the past is one aspect of its preservation and exposure. Important books, old photographs, tapes, dishes and many other artifacts find “new” life in the digital age. With the help of digital restoration, 3D technologies and virtual reality, the invisible sides of these artifacts can be shown. Last but not least – it can be presented attractively to different audiences. One of the trends that the Student Society for Computer Arts (SCA) has been working on for years is the low-budget digitization of artifacts, i.e. how with relatively inexpensive technology small and medium-sized organizations can tackle the challenges of digitization, creating budget digitization units, development of training materials for low-budget digitization. Within the forum, the results of projects under the Erasmus+ program also were shown: MobiReel (low-budget digitization of film and video format lovers – 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm tapes and video cassettes VHS, S-VHS, Betamax, etc.), DigiResLab (digitalization of photographs) and DigiAmphorae (digitalization of amphorae);

“Cyber Security and Technology”

It is clear that the more open we are to the world through multiple different communications, the more vulnerable we are to information theft, misuse, misrepresentation and manipulation. Artificial Intelligence is also involved in this information invasion, some are a number of examples of fake videos of celebrities “talking” about various issues. However, artificial intelligence is speaking. Education in this area is becoming increasingly important. Leading experts presented the important aspects of cyber security.

International Forum for Computer Arts “Computer Space” is realized with the financial support of Sofia Municipality and is part of the Calendar of cultural events in Sofia. It is also organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science, National Student House, National Culture Fund, ADCOM, Bulgarian Design Group and others.

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Computer Space 2023 Contest Winners

These are the winners of all the categories in the competition part of Computer Space 2023- the jury selection, Organizing Committee selection as well as the winners of the public vote and the special awards.

Computer Graphics
1. Black Sun – Colored – Hristian Shyne
2. The Beginning – Искрен Русимов
3. Steampunk Castle – Ния Маркова
Special award –  Morning Moon – Silviya Ivanova

Computer & Electronic Music
1. Hymn Without Words – Adam Stanovic
2. Pervade The Space – Владимир Влаев
3.Visions Of Z Iii – Uğurcan Öztekin

Computer Animation1. Land Of Legends – Serdtse Parmy – 3d Wolf Animation – Gianluca Fratellini

Web Design: Art, Culture & Hobby
1. The Edge Artgroup – I-Creativ Studio
2. Dani Belev – Magician & Illusionist – Vasil Garbov

Web Design: Information & Media
Special award – Списание “Й” – Diana Sofronieva

Web Design: Society And Institutions
1. Уеб Портал Топлофикация София – Стемо ЕООД
2. Pencho Semov – “The Most Social Industrialist On The Balkans” – Vasil Garbov
Special award – Купи Подарък От Майка На Дете С Увреждане – Петя Колева

Web Design: Technology & Market
1. Click And Play – Онлайн Резервация За Спорт – Георги Балджиев
2. Myve – Всичко За Шофьора – Mark Kazakov
3. Сайт На Агенция За Недвижими Имоти – Bulgaria Sotheby’s International Realty
Special award: Digital New Era – Creative Web Solutions – Vasil Garbov
Nomination: Yeah!Chocolate – I-Creativ Studio

Interactive Projects
1.Tetris Tower – Emiliya Usheva
2.Eludo – Тихомир Гърменлиев
3.Dollhouse Mystery – Надежда Йорданова

Debut award
Debut award – Abandoned – Neli Zlatanova
Debut award – The Deserter – Andrey PopdonevNomination

Public vote:
Computer Graphics: Steampunk Castle – Ния Маркова
Computer & Electronic Music: Dandelion Clock – Massimo Vito Avantaggiato
Computer Animation: Chronos – Massimo Vito Avantaggiato
Interactive Projects: Eludo – Тихомир Гърменлиев
Web Design: Art, Culture & Hobby: Dot Sofia —  I-Creativ Studio
Web Design: Information & MediaСписание “Й” – Diana Sofronieva
Web design: Society and Institutions: Уеб Портал Топлофикация София – Стемо ЕООД
Web Design: Technology & Market: Erp.Agency – S WEB studio Симеон Бончев

You can see a list of all contest participantshere.

Computer Space 2023 Gallery

Computer Space 2023 Organizers

Student Computer Art Society

SCAS is the creator of “Computer Space” and is responsible for the very existence of the forum since its beginning. SCAS and Computer Art Center are the main organizers of the competition as well as the festival part of “Computer Space”. Every year it provides the traditional statuette of the forum for the winners in the competition part, as well as certificates and other material and financial prizes. SCAS organizes the awarding ceremony and selects the seminar participants. Independent jury from well known experts will evaluate the submitted projects in the contest part.


National Culture fund of Bulgaria

The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” under the program “RESTORATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ORGANIZATIONS IN THE FIELD OF AMATEUR ART”

Sofia municipality

Computer Space is included in the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality.

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