Computer Space 2022 Overview

The 34th edition of the Computer Space International Computer Arts Forum was held from October 27 to 29 at the National Student House. The forum is part of the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality it was also supported by the National Fund “Culture” under the program “RESTORATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ORGANIZATIONS IN THE FIELD OF AMATEUR ART”.

Computer space once again showed the synthesis of science-technology-art. The International Computer Arts Forum has a competition and festival part. The contest part takes several months and provides opportunities to young artists and experts to show their achievements. The awarding ceremony for the winners took place on October 27 at 1:00 p.m. in the National Student Dormitory. Interesting projects in 8 categories argued for the first places – creative ideas in the field of computer graphics, computer animation, electronic music, web design, interactive arts. More than 200 projects took part in Computer Space 2022.

The festival part included exhibitions, workshops, seminars and project presentations. One of the highlights this year was “Artificial Intelligence Computer Generated Images”. Is artificial intelligence and electronic creativity catching up with humans? How image generators work, who are the pioneers in this field, who are the authors in our country who experiment with these algorithms. Also interesting and useful were the seminars on 3D graphics, virtual reality, graphic design, as well as the presentations of foreign award-winning authors in the field of electronic music.

The exhibition “The Binary World and the History of Bulgarian ELKA” showed us the development of Bulgarian electronics – from electronic lamps, through semiconductor elements to integrated circuits. Elka 6521, fourth in the world and first with a rooting operation, one of the first Elka 101 portable calculators, with an impressive design and exported to Western Europe. The development of calculator displays, from lamp to LCD, was also interesting. Mechanical calculators from the 19th century were also featured. The exhibition with interactive installations of TUES students showed the fun side of electronic art – innovative ideas of young people. Traditionally, design solutions of NBU students were also shown in the “computer graphics” exhibition. 3D mapping was also one of the themes of the Computer Space exhibitions. MP Studio’s “Lights of Freedom” show transforms one of the city’s most emblematic monuments – the Brandenburg Gate – into a portal to the history of the Berlin Wall. The one-of-a-kind 3D mapping projection “Vincent meets Rembrandt: The Untold Story” is a kind of realization of the never-happened meeting between the two artists. Polina Borisova, ADCOM presented the features of the new Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 tablet.

A number of follow-up events were held after the end of the “Computer space” festival part: meetings with participants, presentation of project results, creation of an archive-exhibition with projects. The archive of “Computer space” accumulates materials from the participating projects in the competition and festival part with the aim of presenting the festival to potential participants and holding educational events with schoolchildren and students. Parts of the archive were presented in the premises of the National Student House in Sofia.

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Computer Space 2022 Contest Winners

These are the winners of all the categories in the competition part of Computer Space 2022- the jury selection, Organizing Committee selection as well as the winners of the public vote and the special awards.

Computer Animation

  1. Hellbrunn – History Refreshingly New – Simon Wendler

Computer Graphics

  1. Dark Viking – Hristian Shyne
  2. Broken Girl – Nadezhda Petkova
  3. Underwater Sky – Анджелика Маринова

Nomination: Exposition “Thracian Treasures” Rhm – Vratsa – Martin Evlogiev

Computer & Electronic Music

  1. Codex – Daria Baiocchi
  2. To U.S..S… – Adam Stanovic
  3. Sauti – Felipe Otondo

Web Design: Art, Culture & Hobby

  1. Chris Baldwin – Личен Сайт – I-Creativ Studio
  2. Scarr – Petya Petkova
  3. Mims.Design – Personal Portfolio Website – Мими Владимирова

Web Design: Information & Media

  1. Площад Славейков

Organizing Committee special award
Литературен Вестник

Web Design: Society & Institutions

  1. Fotofabrika – Those Things
  2. Association Of Pig Breeders In Bulgaria – Кристиана Йончева
  3. Фондация „Отворени Изкуства” – I-Creativ Studio

Web Design: Technology & Market

  1. Ballhole – Stefan Parnarov
  2. “Technofy” Website – Rumen Kitov
  3. Hunting Shop Favia – Кристиана Йончева
    Nomination: Прометей Оод –
    Interactive Projects
  4. Mistery Machine – Allison Tanenhaus

Special awards
Broken Girl – Nadezhda Petkova
Underwater Sky – Анджелика Маринова
The Star Mirror – Emilia Chervenkova

Public vote winners

Computer Animation
Ти можеш – Those Things

Computer Graphics
The Star Mirror – Emilia Chervenkova

Computer & Electronic Music
Endless Alphabet – Massimo Vito Avantaggiato

Web Design: Art, Culture & Hobby
Scarr – Petya Petkova

Web Design: Society & Institutions
Университетска Многопрофилна Болница Лозенец –

Web Design: Technology & Market
Прометей оод –

You can see a list of all contest participantshere.

Computer Space 2022 Gallery

Computer Space 2022 Organizers

Student Computer Art Society

SCAS is the creator of “Computer Space” and is responsible for the very existence of the forum since its beginning. SCAS and Computer Art Center are the main organizers of the competition as well as the festival part of “Computer Space”. Every year it provides the traditional statuette of the forum for the winners in the competition part, as well as certificates and other material and financial prizes. SCAS organizes the awarding ceremony and selects the seminar participants. Independent jury from well known experts will evaluate the submitted projects in the contest part.


National Culture fund of Bulgaria

The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” under the program “RESTORATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ORGANIZATIONS IN THE FIELD OF AMATEUR ART”

Sofia municipality

Computer Space is included in the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality.

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