Computer Graphics

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2D and 3D computer graphics
Digital photos processed by computer

  • Lighthouse


    3dsMAX V-ray and Vantage

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  • Dvorak vinyl cover mockup

    Dvorak vinyl cover mockup

    Vinyl cover of Antonin Dvorak’s "New World Symphony".

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  • Corner


    A corner view from London streets.

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  • Frame


    FRAME-The Perfect Getaway

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  • New year

    New year

    New year poster made in Illustrator

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  • Broken girl

    Broken girl

    Made in photoshop, interpreted work of a painting from Guayasamin.

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  • Zagorka retro billboard

    Zagorka retro billboard

    Billboard made for famous Bulgarian beer.

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  • Catiania in letter

    Catiania in letter

    The city Catania illustrated in the first letter of the city.

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  • Dry red wine

    Dry red wine

    Bulgarian wine – Product Design

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  • Underwater sky

    Underwater sky

    Автор: Анджелика Маринова, 16 години МГ "Академик Кирил Попов", гр. Пловдив Професия: Компютърен график Преподавател: Румен Манолов Проектът е направен на Adobe Photoshop

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  • Evolution of visual style

    The graphics were made for rebranding/evolution of existing visual identity of the French-Bulgarian IT company. I’ve created set of 3D isometric style visuals, my role in the project was to give new art direction of this "evolution". The company is specialize in DevOps. The main idea was to represent the infinity sign like the logo[…]

    See Project

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  • The little princess

    The little princess

    Детска фотосесия с последваща обработка, така че момиченцето да изглежда ефирно, почти сливащо се с фона, нежно и фино. Като малка принцеска.

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