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—Dedicated to Alan Turing and all genius mind that save life—
Alan Turing had a brilliant mind who changed history. This guy was not like everyone else, because he lived off mathematics. His great passion led him to great discoveries and to combine calculations with the model of the mind. His studies led him to become the "father of computer science" and his test became the basis for the creation of artificial intelligence.
I have interpreted the code as a form of communication. The idea was therefore to insert sounds that can evoke and suggest the context within which Turing operated: noise of an analogic machine, sounds of an old typewriter and sounds of an old telephone.
During the sound manipulation I created soundscapes that belong to mechanical analogic noises and, referring to the context of the war in which Turing operated, of planes and pilots' voices. The central rhythmic part intends to re-propose the birth of the computer. This piece has been organized in three main sections: A-B-A' with a bridge between B and A'.
The image I uploaded has a codex in it (Codex if|do|next-derived from the book of Turing and from computational thinking)and inside the composition I have inserted an encrypted code. But that is another story…
Image by: Roberto Rosso, Codex, Fine Art Digital Photography, 2022, 50X75
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